ClickBank® is top 100 online retailer, selling digital products to millions of customers in 190 countries worldwide. The products are created by independent entrepreneurs, promoted mostly by affiliates, and sold through ClickBank.

To promote the products in its marketplace ClickBank uses affiliates, just about anybody can sign up as an affiliate with ClickBank for free and promote products on their own website(s) and receive commission direct from ClickBank on products sold by their promotion, this commission can vary typically between 25% to 75% or more of the product price.

For entrepreneurs this provides an easy to use well established markeplace  with plenty of affiliates ready to promote their products world wide, ClickBank is a well established brand name with a good reputation for service to both the entrepreneurs and customers.

If you have a website and are looking for some relevant digital products to promote on it or you are looking for some products that are already selling well to ‘follow the money’ and promote then ClickBank is the place to look.

The ClickBank markeplace containes thousands of products and deciding which products to promote as an affiliate is not always an easy task, if you get it wrong you could end up spending time and effort promoting things that do not sell.

ClickBank provides some search tools to help you decide but they are all on todays or yesterdays results, if you want to find products that have a proven sales record you need more.

Here at CBGravitas we have been gathering the daily information  from ClickBank for a long time now and have it stored away in our database, using this we can provide services and tools to help you find the most appropriate products for your aims amongst the thousands in the ClickBank marketplace.

Using our unique database we provide a daily report in .pdf format which contains graphs of the last 12 months and details of all the products in the ClickBank marketplace that are generating a reasonable level of sales. You can go to the product areas that interest you such as health or relationships, etc, or simply look for top performing products in any area.

Our reports are updated daily and you can download a new version whenever you need it. We currently provide 2 editions of this report,  a bronze edition  which provides the full list of reasonable products and a silver edition which puts your ClickBank affiliate ID in every product link in the report so you can give or sell this report to your customers and earn commission from ClickBank on any products they buy through it.

Sign up and receive a 7 DAY FREE TRIAL offer of the bronze version, no payment will be taken until 7 days after you signup but you will be receiving a daily email with your unique link to download your copy of the report each day. That will then continue after payment is received. Currently you need to contact us if you would like to upgrade to the silver edition.

ClickBank is a registered trademark of Click Sales Inc., a Delaware corporation. CBGravitas is not associated with Click Sales Inc.  ClickBank does not endorse, approve or review CBGravitas and expresses no opinion as to the the accuracy of any of the content in CBGravitas. CBGravitas is not sponsored by any of the vendors listed, nor does it endorse or approve any of the vendors nor the products or services provided by them, and does not imply nor guarantee the quality or performance of any of the vendors products or services. If you have any questions about any of the products listed you should contact the vendors directly.